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As a PAPCO supplied wholesaler, you can choose from a number of pricing programs best suited for your particular requirements. Our market experts can help you evaluate your risk tolerances, market conditions and design a pricing program that works to your advantage.

Our more popular pricing programs:

  • Fixed Price / Supply - Provides a known firm "fixed" price for a certain period of time tied to an exact quantity agreement.
  • Market Index Pricing - Allows you to take advantage of market conditions with guaranteed supply versus purchasing product on the open market. Contracts are available using a variety of indices (OPIS, NYMEX, Platts, Argus, ICE).
  • NYMEX Triggers - Offers you a fixed differential over the course of your delivery schedule with the option to place "limit" and/or "stop" orders for specified price targets.
  • Index Discount with Floor (OPIS, NYMEX, Platts) - Enables you to float with the market and receive a discount on your contract index until a pre-determined floor price is reached (subject to market conditions and availability).
  • Price Caps (call options) - Provides a "cap" against rising fuel prices but also allow you to benefit if fuel prices decline.
  • DOE Index - Protects a business from exposure to rising fuel surcharges by allowing the ability to fix or cap a freight provider's fuel surcharge.

Manage price volatility and increase your competitive advantage!

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation, and let our team create a completely customized price risk management and fuel supply solution designed to meet all your requirements.

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