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Customized Lubricant Storage and Dispensing Solutions

Lubricant purity is crucial to its functionality and integrity. Our Automotive Lubricant Specialists are experts in safely storing, handling, transporting and dispensing lubricants and other fluids regardless of type or size. Whether bulk, drum, kegs or cases PAPCO can help customize the storage and dispensing options best suited to your business. 

What's the BEST Storage Solution for your location?

PVL Storage 3Col 165Px Cases (1)

PVL Storage 3Col 165Px Drums (1)

PVL Storage 3Col 165Px Tanks (1)

CASES are the best option when you sell up to 50 oil changes a month.

DRUMS can be the right choice when you sell 50+ oil changes a month.

BULK TANKS are a better option when you sell 100+ oil changes a month.

Case Options

  • 6 x 1 quart = 1.5 gallons
  • 12 x 1 quart = 3 gallons

Drum Dispensing

  • 55 Gallon Drums
  • Rotary Pumps
  • Pour Pitchers
  • Air operated drum  pumping systems

Bulk Storage & Dispensing

  • UL Listed Steel & HD Polyethylene Tanks
  • Tote-a-Lube® Tanks
  • Air Pumps & Reels
  • Control Handles
  • Oil Bars

We also offer web based bulk tank monitoring systems as well as consistent sales and product training so your technicians are equipped with the resources they need to keep your site operating safely and at maximum efficiency.

Keeping it Clean

PAPCO is known as an environmentally responsible lubricant supplier, and we are committed to offering the resources you need to maintain a clean and safe work site. From double wall tanks and containment bins to drum decks and anti slip mats, we can help you select the right storage and containment solutions to maintain a safe worksite and keep your operation EPA compliant.

Lubes PVL Equipmentstorage 2Col 256Px Emptyqts (1)

PVL Clean 2Col 256Px Pouring Quarts

Did you know that in addition to delivery and cost savings, DRUMS and BULK TANKS are better for the environment and improve waste streams?

The annual impact of 100 gallons per month of motor oil:

  • 800 (6x1) or 400 (12x1) case cartons of trash
  • PLUS 4800 bottles of waste

DRUMS and BULK TANKS improve transaction speeds.  Consider the time potentially wasted in your facility:

  • Getting 800 cases out of the stock room
  • Unscrewing 4800 bottles & pouring them through a funnel
  • Draining the last drops of 4800 bottles so they are EPA compliant
  • Carrying hundreds of trash cans to the dumpster

Contact us today and let our passenger vehicle lubricant specialists help you create a customized lubricant storage and dispensing solution for your business.

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