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Our Home Heat Plans Create Warm Smiles

Price and payment options are a good thing, but navigating the world of home heat prices can be a bit confusing. Whether heating oil or propane our Home Heat Specialists can help you choose the right plan for your home.

Getting Started

  1. Open an account with PAPCO, and you could save 5¢ per gallon when your invoice is paid within 15 days. Customers are invoiced the day after delivery and payment is due within 30 days. Contact us today!
  2. With a web browser and a connection to the Internet, PAPCO also offers you secure online access to a variety of account management functions and reports – 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.
  3. Take Advantage of our Discounts and Referral Programs.

Payment Options*

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Pay Online

PAPCO now provides you the opportunity to Pay Online, making it even easier for you to manage and to pay your bill at any time, and from anywhere! Call 800-899-0747 to sign up today.  

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Monthly Payment Plan

Avoid making one large payment after an oil delivery by spreading your payments out into smaller, more manageable amounts based on your average fuel consumption. Consider combining our Monthly Payment Plan with a Price Protection Plan (enrollment available each fall) for one of the best and most efficient ways to manage your home heat budget this season.

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Automatic Payment

One call to PAPCO Customer Service and we'll set up payment processing for your fuel deliveries automatically - via credit card or your bank account with secure electronic payment. Our automatic payment option makes it easier to handle your energy costs and qualifies you for our 5¢ per gallon Prompt Pay Discount. Saves time and money!

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For Cash On Delivery accounts, payment is required prior to or at the time of delivery. PAPCO accepts payment by check or credit card (VISA, MasterCard). Other restrictions may apply. COD customers are not eligible for automatic delivery.

Pay Online – Simply Easier

PAPCO now provides you the opportunity to Pay Online! This new enhancement to your account makes it even easier for you to manage and to pay your bill anytime, anywhere — 24/7/365. Plus, going paperless is good for you!

  • Efficient. Payments don’t get lost in the mail plus you save on postage fees! You’ll also have an ongoing log (up to 90 days) of your invoices online.
  • Convenient. Paying online makes bill paying easy. Available 24/7, it is quick and easy to view your account online.
  • Secure. PAPCO Pay Online reduces the risk of mail fraud, you’ll also be able to monitor your account at any time.
  • Green. Good for you and good for the environment! Going paperless reduces mail clutter and helps eliminate paper waste.

Efficient, safe and secure getting started is as easy as calling 1-800-899-0747!  Customer service specialists are available during normal business hours for assistance.

Monthly Payment Plan

Avoid making one large payment after a home heat delivery by spreading your payments out into smaller, more manageable amounts based on your average fuel consumption. Monthly payments are calculated based on previous consumption or estimated annual usage, the cost of fuel, and the number of months remaining in the 11 month heating season. For example:

Estimated usage x estimated cost ÷ 11 months = monthly payment

(sample: 800 gal x $3.00 ÷11 = $218)

Monthly Payment Graph

 Monthly payments plan make budgeting easier by spreading your payments out more evenly.

Mid-season, PAPCO reviews your actual usage and compares it to your anticipated usage. Your monthly payment amount may be adjusted to ensure you only pay for what you actually use. Include your Service Plan in your monthly budget payment and spread that cost over the season as well!

Almost 70% of degree days accumulate between December and February. Rather than face the ups and downs of peak winter bills, your payment will remain the same each month. Any account differences are settled in July at the end of the budget season.

*Account and Payment options are pending credit approval.

Contact us today and our team can help you determine the best possible program for you budget and household needs.

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