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A smarter, better, and more convenient way to save money and track your company vehicle fuel expenses, the PAPCO Universal Fleet Card powered by the Voyager® Network makes fueling simpler for your drivers and fleet fuel expenses easier for you to manage.   

Easy to use, this Fleet Fueling Solution offers 6 times more benefits than what you may be using now:  Convenience, ControlCost Savings, CredibilityCustomer Care, and Customization.  

Key Benefits of the PAPCO Universal Fleet Card (The Six C's):  

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Accepted at 230,000+ major and regional fuel and maintenance locations nationwide, the PAPCO Universal Fleet Card offers convenient access to fuel, maintenance and services almost everywhere you drive. With integrated fueling services between company managed and on-road fueling locations, this one card organizes fleet costs and reporting.

  • Organize fleet costs and reporting
  • Track fleet maintenance easily
  • Captures and stores electronic receipts
  • Invoiced pre-taxed (if applicable)
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PAPCO Universal Fleet Cards can each be customized independently allowing you to assign cards and to set purchase limits by driver or by vehicle. 

  • Control at both card and driver account levels
  • Restrict time of day and day of week 
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Cost Savings

First there are no annual or monthly card fees! In addition, this card offers multiple automated processes that can help reduce operating and administration costs.

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Customer Care

A dedicated account manager is assigned to help tailor the right Fleet Card program to suit your needs, offering ongoing program consultations, introductions to program enhancements, customized reports and access to fleet related news. In addition, our customer support team ensures you receive:

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Credibility and Security

Powered by the VOYAGER® Network, the U.S. Bank Fleet Card has 1.6 million cardholders and is a leading card network for fuel and maintenance merchants. VOYAGER® is specifically designed to serve the needs of any vehicle type, it also is:   

  • Accepted at more than 230,000 retail locations in all 50 states
  • Captures fleet management information beyond the capabilities of other card networks
  • Offers PIN protected cards, allowing for easy set up as "Fuel Only" or "Fuel & Maintenance Only" purchasing
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All fleets are not the same, and neither are fleet programs.   You know what you need, and we know how to get that for you.   As a PAPCO Fleet customer you can count on our team to develop a program specific to your operation.   To find out more Start Here


The Fleet Card that Makes Everyone Happy!

Managers at any level appreciate the simplicity and the power a Universal Fleet Card that offers less hassle, better control and improves the company Return on Investment (ROI). 

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Fleet Administrators:

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Back Office Support:

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  • Real-time transaction monitoring
  • Sophisticated purchase controls & expense monitoring
  • Capture driver ID and odometer reading at pump
  • Vehicle fuel economy reports and cost analysis
  • Track & report off-road fuel purchases and costs
  • Tax reporting
  • Eliminates need for manual tracking processes
  • Easy-to-read, comprehensive transaction reports
  • No more reconciling paper receipts or multiple fueling cards
  • Easily export data for cost accounting systems
  • No out-of-pocket costs
    Save time seeking out a specific station
  • Easier to seek out best price at the pump
  • No receipts to save or odometer readings to write down
  • Simple to use

Still not convinced?  

The answers to these questions will help you determine how valuable a fleet fueling card could be for your operation.  Consider this: 


  • Do your drivers have to travel out fairly far off route to fill up?
  • Is there a lot of driver turnover in your business?
  • Is the information you need to manage your fleet easy to access?
  • Can you confidently cost out the fuel needed for a job?


  • Are you overrun by receipts or other proof of expenses?
  • Are you confident your drivers are making only authorized fills and/or maintenance purchases?
  • Does your current system provide Level III detail?

Cost Savings:

  • Do you know exactly what each vehicle in your fleet costs you to operate?
  • Can you validate when it is no longer economical to keep a vehicle?
  • Is your corporate card statement riddle with fees? 

Using a Corporate Credit Card to Purchase Fuel?  

If so your program is not only costing you more money, it could very well be leaving your operation exposed to some pretty significant risk.   We've actually written an e-book on the subject.  Click on the image below for a FREE DOWNLOAD of the article that shows you how to mitigate slippage and save you significant cash at the same time.   It's free.  


Fleet 3 Powerful Ways To Expose Hidden Savings


Contact us today and let one of our PAPCO account managers get started on a customized fleet card program designed to meet your needs.

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