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On/Off Site Fuel Integration Solutions with One Card

Any business that requires consolidated fueling between company managed and on-road fueling locations should consider the PAPCO Universal Fleet Card powered by the Voyager® Network!  Our integrated fueling program offers consolidated, detailed information down to the vehicle level and provides powerful usage reports that help manage and control your fleet costs.

  • Consolidate All Your Purchases with One Card
  • Leverage Powerful Detailed Reporting
  • Control Your Total Fuel Costs 

Integrate Your On-site Corporate Fueling and Off-site Retail Purchases

How Voyager Works

  1. Integrate. The PAPCO Universal Fleet Card allow drivers to fill up on-site and/or offsite depending on travel needs. Before the transaction takes place, the data is sent to Voyager to verify the card's and driver's information is valid and then checks to make sure the transaction is authorized.
  2. Process. Transactions are sent for validation and approval to a dedicated processing center.
  3. Collect. Voyager collects all data from on-site and off-site transactions (date, time, location, vehicle and driver information, fuel type, number of gallons, price, etc.).
  4. Report. Data integrity is maintained throughout and all on-site and off-site purchases are combined for consolidated invoicing and accurate report generation.
  5. View. You can view the transaction details online within 24 hours of any transaction.

More Integration Solutions

Hose Drop Fueling

Consigned Fuel

PAPCO offers consigned fuel programs that help reduce your carrying costs of inventory. Because we own the fuel up until the moment it is transferred into your vehicle, you only pay for fuel as you use it.


Inventory Management

PAPCO can manage your fuel supply by installing inventory monitoring systems in your bulk storage tanks. We can remotely view your current inventory levels, optimize delivery efficiency, and prevent product outages without any customer involvement. There are no extra labor costs incurred sticking tanks, or calling for fuel. Costly downtime and work delays due to product run outs are eliminated.

Two Men by Truck

Commercial Supply & Storage

PAPCO has been a leader in energy marketing and distribution since 1976. Through the use of the industry's latest technology, we provide seamless fuel procurement and inventory management solutions that create efficiencies and cost savings. We can customize an integrated fuel procurement strategy and assist you with all the on-site fueling solutions that your business demands.

With all the resources you need to train your staff, our PAPCO Fleet Experts can get you started with a simple, upfront, account evaluation.

Contact us today and let one of our PAPCO account managers get started on a customized fleet card program designed to meet your needs.

Total Solutions

Voyager App

Locate Lowest Cost Fuel Fast!  Click image for App details 

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