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The PAPCO Timeline – A Legacy of Service

C. Roger Malbon started the family oil business - Princess Anne Petroleum - in 1958 by servicing the oil delivery needs of primarily large commercial buildings with central heating plants. His son Charlie joined the business in 1971. His son John joined the business in 1974 following graduation from James Madison University. 

1976 - March 12

Southern Blvd Princess Anne Petroleum Company purchases CAPCO, a small residential and commercial business bought at auction on Southern Boulevard in Virginia Beach, VA, on March 12,1976. This was the start of PAPCO, a new company named from a blend of Princess Anne Petroleum Company and CAPCO. With 3 original employees, including John Malbon, PAPCO delivered fuel throughout Southside PAPCO LogoHampton Roads. First year sales were just under a million dollars, and customers at that time included Phillips Oldsmobile and Eagle Electric.

Early 1980’s

PAPCO HeadquartersA welding shop next door is acquired and the Southern Boulevard “PAPCO headquarters” in Virginia Beach emerges. During this same time period, PAPCO diversifies into the Convenience Store business, an expansion trend among oil companies with retail gas locations at the time.


Gary Gilmore joins PAPCO as Chief Financial Officer, bringing with him an extensive background in finance and accounting, as well as a vision for how we could benefit from trading in the emerging derivatives markets. 

Fleet CardPAPCO ventures into the fleet card business with Fleet Pump Teck, 21st century Technology, adapting from the early optical to today’s more popular digital and mag-stripe technologies. U-Haul locations with gasoline were used as some of our distributor sites.


PAPCO creates a new corporate function called the Energy Management Group, the company’s first step into the energy futures market. EMG began trading futures on the NYMEX with our goal ofOld Computer helping customers manage the volatility and risk of fuel purchasing through various hedging strategies and price supply contracts. We signed our first (and longest running) fixed price customer – Rose Brothers Paving in Murfreesboro, NC that same year!


PAPCO local business expands through the acquisition of regional companies as they became available. Gunter Oil on 45th and Virginia Ave in Newport News is purchased, creating a 

Texaco Plaquegreat opportunity for growth on the Virginia peninsula.

John Malbon is presented with the Star Performer Awarded as a Texaco Retailer. 


Texaco Gas StationPAPCO builds a Convenience Store at Shipps Corner and becomes a Texaco distributor. 


Early 90’s

Lubricants TruckPAPCO wards off competitive cross selling by getting into the lubricant business, a great compliment to the company’s existing business and customer base.  We started with Mobil lubricants.About Ourhistory Thumbnail Mobillogo

Customer service and operations are moved to a new facility. After the purchase of a warehouse, we also rent a single wide trailer for temporary office space that still exists today. 


Marine FuelingThe new Newport News office (previously Gunter Oil) is moved to a former York Oil Co. facility on Sunset Creek in Hampton. This move gives PAPCO the opportunity to receive product via waterfront delivery, and open new relationships with commercial fishing fleets


Tank FarmPAPCO purchased Suffolk Oil Company, moving its bulk plant to the Southern Blvd location and adding Union 76 followed by Citgo brand lubricants. Citgo LogoUnion 76 Logo

A new logo was created that we proudly use today.



PAPCO enters into a joint venture called Hampton Roads Convenience, acquiring four convenience stores in the process.  Partner interest in the company was bought out in 1998.


Texaco Gas StationThe PAPCO Branded Retail Division was created, starting with the Texaco brand.   Today we distribute Shell, BP, Exxon, Mobil, Citgo and Valero to more than 127 dealers in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Maryland. Gas Brands



PAPCO secures the papco.com domain and launches the first of many website refreshes and digital platforms.


Tank FarmPAPCO leases former Sanford and Charles facility in the Small Boat Harbor in Newport News.  Extensive renovations to the facility allows for larger barge access - thereby reducing the cost and frequency of deliveries.   Now Coast Guard certified for over the water fuel deliveries, this move has helped develop an even larger marine fueling business on the peninsula. 

PAPCO simultaneously purchases Southern States commercial fuel and fleet operations on Military Highway, as well as the adjacent property to build additional warehouse space

PAPCO hits the 80 million gallons a year mark!


We purchase Virginia Lubricants, which eventually brings about the ability to offer the Chevron line of lubricants. Chevron Logo


Opsail A deeply-rooted supporter of our surrounding communities, PAPCO delivers fuel to large scale events such as OpSail 2000 and the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament (2004).



PAPCO Newport NewsOur Newport News footprint is expanded with the purchase of Knight Oil, a company located next door. 

We expand further into the Richmond area with the purchase Fuel Truckof Trible Perry Oil Company in West Point, offering new opportunities to leverage assets along the Interstate 64 corridor. 


Poised for more aggressive growth, we recruit new management positions in sales, upgrading back office computer systems, and move the sales department into a standalone office complex on Greenwich Rd.

ExxonMobil became our primary lubricant supplier.Exxon Mobil Logo


In the aftermath of Hurricane Isabel, fuels sales in Newport News top 1 million gallons in the 

1 Million Gallons Plaque

month of October. PAPCO grows its market share in residential oil sales with the purchase of Bromley Oil, a residential heating oil company.


Major steps forward in technology include the installation of automatic tank gauge data capture with Intellifuel monitoring systems, and wireless data collection with AWE truck onboard computers.


School BusPAPCO opens the region's first retail biodiesel pump at Southern Boulevard in Virginia Beach.  To coincide with the opening, the company announced that a third of the City of Virginia Beach’s 600 school buses will run on biodiesel. 

New underground tanks are installed at our Southern Blvd location with new dispensers added in 2008. 

PAPCO introduced the ALS brand of lubricants.


PAPCO Gas StationMarket expansion into the Richmond and West Point Virginia markets increases with the acquisition of McCray Oil and Massey Oil, providing more physical assets along Interstate 64. This move also introduces propane as a business line new to PAPCO.


PAPCO Gas StationOur original convenience store at Southern Blvd is closed, and          unmanned fuel master systems are added.




Vission Mission ValuesA major strategy shift is launched to poise the PAPCO brand for rapid growth by serving customers better. 2 large scale surveys are initiated, one designed to solicit employee feedback in the realignment of our organization toward a truly customer centric focus. The second helps determine customer needs, and starts redefining out future path.

As a direct result, we implemented a major reorganization of customer service and inside sales. Simultaneously, employee teams were created to better define our future path and direction.


Trading Desk

The Sales, Marketing, Trading and Supply departments are merged and expanded, moving along with the Sales & Marketing to newly renovated office near our corporate facilities. In 2014, Finance, accounting, and HR are moved into office space on the 3rd floor of the same building.

PAPCO purchases the Commercial and Governmental Fuels Divisions of ISObunkers in Aston PA, an acquisition that leverages the company’s supply and marketing capabilities along the US East Coast.   The PAPCO trading area now extends from New York to Florida. 


In October, PAPCO begins shipping product on the Colonial Pipeline creating new opportunities for our customers and to grow our service areas along the eastern US.

DEF TruckWe begin delivering Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) in the Hampton Roads region, eventually purchasing a new DEF truck and upgrading our DEF capabilities. 


Shell Gas StationPAPCO acquires the Tidewater Retail Assets from SMO, Inc., including Assets and Supply contracts in Southeaster Virginia from the Wills Group, Inc. (23 Shell retail gas stations and 1 Exxon location in Southeast VA). Acquisition leverages supply and marketing capabilities in Hampton Roads, Virginia.Shell Logo

The company’s new brand image and tagline “Solutions for Success” are launched publically with a new website and social media channels – including a blog for delivering updated market news. Corporate training is also provided to help employees better understand the brand and how to deliver a completely new service experience for our customers across 15 states.


PAPCO designated as a Superior Supplier by US Government Defense Logistics Agency.

Combo Lube TruckTake delivery of a unique new “combo” lubricant truck designed to increase efficiency and to expand  deliveries into outlying areas.


John Malbon Gary GilmorePAPCO is recognized as one of the region’s Top 20 Fastest Growing Companies from Hampton Roads’ Inside Business. Our Public Relations machine kicked into higher gear with multiple appearances in respected trade publications.


CakeWe celebrated 40 years as PAPCO with anniversary celebrations throughout March with employees from each of our 6 locations.

WarehouseOur lubricants & DEF warehouse introduced a new bar coding system that greatly increased the efficiency of deliveries and inventory control.

In June 2016, PAPCO signs an agreement to be acquired by World Fuel Services, with a promise of no interruption in services to PAPCO customers.

John Malbon

Company founder C. Roger Malbon, and sons John  (CEO/co-founder) and Charlie Malbon, 1988.

Decades of Solutions

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