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Take Control of Your Fuel Costs Today!

Are you managing the volatility of today's energy markets...or is it managing you?

Unpredictable and volatile energy markets seem to be the new normal. Weather conditions, supply disruptions, geopolitical events and ongoing stress to the financial markets can affect the cost of fuel and potentially add to your cost of doing business almost every day.

Why Manage Your Financial Exposure?

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Take no action, and daily market pricing sets your fuel budget for you. You either have to pass energy cost increases along, absorb them yourself, or put your budget at risk on an ongoing basis.

You can, however, manage the risk that these events put on your business by leveraging our market expertise and using the right financial tools!

A Price Risk Management solution from PAPCO allows you to take back some control and reduce your ongoing exposure to unstable daily fuel prices, by offsetting or "hedging" fluctuations in the energy market. You will benefit with:

  • Reduced Exposure to Volatility
  • Budget Protection
  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Increased Price Stability
  • A Competitive Advantage
  • Added Supply Security
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What is Price Risk Management?

Price Risk Management in the energy markets is a financial tool to reduce your exposure to fuel price volatility and better control your overall energy costs, by mitigating exposure to market volatility. PAPCO Energy Market Advisors can help you develop a comprehensive Price Risk Management strategy that offsets, or hedges, fluctuations in the energy markets, reducing your exposure to unstable fuel prices.

Proper development and implementation of these instruments is vital to the creation of a successful and ongoing energy procurement strategy. The end result is a custom built price risk management solution designed to offer you greater control over your operating budgets, thereby lowering your overall energy costs over time.

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What is Hedging?

The best way to understand hedging is to think of it as a transfer of risk. A market position is established to mitigate or eliminate exposure to volatile fuel prices. By hedging your fuel purchases, you are protecting yourself against an unpredictable event that causes a fuel price spike.

The decision to implement a Price Risk Management strategy using carefully selected hedging products is NOT market speculation or a means to gamble on the price of fuel. PAPCO can help develop a Price Risk Management solution that offsets, or hedges, the inevitable fluctuations in the energy markets so that the next time fuel prices spike, your budget does not!


Why Partner with PAPCO?

With more than 25 years' experience in Price Risk Management, PAPCO has helped hundreds of businesses like yours navigate volatile and unpredictable energy markets. We continuously monitor the energy futures and cash markets, and have the expertise to develop specialized programs to meet your specific fuel cost objectives, so that the next time fuel prices spike your budget does not.

As a shipper on the Colonial Pipeline with inventory locations throughout the Eastern United States, PAPCO offers you more control over pricing and supply, providing added protection against certain "market events." Our secure supply of commercial fuels is backed by longstanding relationships with a quality network of energy transportation partners to get product where you need it, when you need it.

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Customized Approach

Our hedging capabilities, coupled with our knowledge of the physical energy markets and products offered by financial institutions or energy commodity exchanges, allow us to determine which customized hedging strategies will best serve your unique needs. In just 6 simple steps, we can put our expertise to work to help you better understand and manage your fuel costs in today's volatile markets.

Manage price volatility and increase your competitive advantage!

Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation, and let our team create a completely customized price risk management and fuel supply solution designed to meet all your requirements.

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