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You can protect yourself from the unpredictability of seasonal fuel prices with the PAPCO Cap Price Protection Program. Customers who choose to cap their price have "downside protection," meaning should our posted price be lower at the time of delivery receive you receive the lower price.  

A special capped price is available for a limited time at the start of each heating season. Lock in that price, and if our posted price is lower at the time of delivery, you are guaranteed the lower price. All it takes is a simple enrollment fee that may be included in your monthly payment plan or paid up front.  

SAMPLE of seasonal capped price programs

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PAPCO heating oil customers on the Capped Price Protection Plan this season will pay no more than $2.899 per gallon.

Should our posted price be lower at the time of delivery you will receive the lower price.

Cap Program Enrollment fee: $60-$150*

Depending on number gallons you want to protect.

PAPCO propane customers can choose to either pre-buy or cap their price.

Pre-buy customers pay $1.999 per gallon for their projected gallons all season and are not required to pay an additional enrollment fee.

Propane customers wishing to cap their price will pay no more than $2.599 per gallon, and should posted prices be lower at the time of delivery you receive the lower price.

Cap Program Enrollment fee: $50

*  In order to offer these guaranteed prices, we purchase all our fuel in advance. The enrollment fee - due at the point of enrollment - provides a type of "insurance" protection purchased from our suppliers allowing you to take advantage of a drop in market prices should they occur. Enrollment fees may be included in a monthly payment plan.

For even greater peace of mind combine your Price Protection Plan with a monthly payment plan. This combination is one of the best and most efficient ways to manage your home heat budget.

Customers choosing not to participate in our price cap will receive the Daily Market Rate. There is no fee required to receive the daily market rate. The cost of your fuel is simply based upon the posted daily market rate on the day your delivery is made, which rises and falls with the energy markets.

ENROLLMENT CLOSED for 2017-18 heating season
Up to 50% on parts and labor
Up to 50% on repairs
Priority emergency service
Includes yearly tune-up
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